Christopher Mann  President

Christopher Mann

  Sahar Rashed  Executive Director

Sahar Rashed
Executive Director

  Brianna Benson  Project Manager

Brianna Benson
Project Manager

  Rami Abi Habib  Vice President - External Affairs

Rami Abi Habib
Vice President - External Affairs

 Andrew Malatak Chief Engineer

Andrew Malatak
Chief Engineer


Celeny Benitez

Distributed Power Design

Pradeepan Parthiban

Bussiness Strategist

Corbin Cruz

Lead Physics Analyst

Adriana Vann

Business Strategy

Josh Cristol

Electronics Design 

Ben James

R.U.D. Preventionist

Chad Kassem

Build Lead

Justin Liu


Roshan Nair

Structural & Braking Engineer

Robert See

Systems Engineer


Senior precog

Hali Simmons

Design Artist 


  James McGinniss

James McGinniss

  Deborah Navarro

Deborah Navarro

  Vik Parthiban

Vik Parthiban

  Patryk Radyjowski,

Patryk Radyjowski,

We met on accident, but it didn’t take long before we were meeting every Thursday in an empty classroom at the University of Texas (4.210 ETC to be exact). There were a few things we all had in common: we were all young, intelligent, and sick of sitting around waiting for someone else to change the world. 

honorary loopers

  Chad Kassem  Resident Welder

Chad Kassem
Resident Welder

  Dr. Christian Claudel  Faculty Adviser

Dr. Christian Claudel
Faculty Adviser